Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Close encounters of the iconic kind

Sunset behind Devils Tower, Wyoming

No visit to Wyoming would be complete with stopping by one of the most iconic natural / unnatural formations in the World. If you haven't seen Close Encounters Of The Third Kind go get it and see what Spielberg was up to before ET.

I managed to arrive just before sunset and stayed for sunrise the morning after, in both cases resulting in some magical moments away from the daylight crowds. Chalk another one up for the benefits of car camping where you wake with first light and get at least 3 hours of peace before the herds arrive.

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  1. Pilgrimage complete!

    Presumably not as easy to climb as Richard Dreyfuss made out?

  2. Most of the upper slopes are out of bounds without permits and gear. I did meet a pair of climbers who'd just come down. They said it's about a 6 hour round trip up and back with hawks and ants for company. You can scramble around the boulder field a bit, but in the fading light I left it to the movie memory rather than risk injury or sleepy snakes.