Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Boss Hogg Burger - 15/30

Driving through the resort community of Pagosa Springs (most people who live here have 2 or 3 homes) my eye was drawn to an establishment going by the name of Boss Hog's Restaurant & Saloon. Walls were covered in dead heads and antlers and the menu comes as faux antique olde worlde newspaper. Locally reared Burger + Bacon avec Frings et BBQ sauce was duly ordered and, as I'm now coming to expect, arrived deconstructed with the salad to one side. Usual condiments present.

From auspicious beginnings I found the come down from the Cherry Cricket a little disappointing. Burger texture was good but there wasn't a whole lot of flavour present. Fries were over salted and whilst crisp didn't have much potatoe-ness going on. Bun was acceptable, but again very soft and towards the end was thinning on top. Bit like me.

On a postive note, the Bacon was superb, really smoky and perfectly crispy. BBQ sauce was also excellent and the onion ring batter best so far, albeit the onion itself a little slimy. Shame that the supporting actors overshadowed the headline act. All in came to around the magic $12 mark which felt reasonable.

Given the decor and theme of the place had the basis for a great story, presentation let the side down being only workman like. Overall summary - underwhelming, but ok for a random drive in. And so we score; remember, 0 is for not present, 1 is merely functional, 2 is adequate, 3 is good, 4 is really good and 5 is OMG-can't-talk-eating.

KBI-1 : Quality of Burger

2 / 5

(Beefiness, quality of cooking, not getting lost in the extras)

KBI-2 : Distinguishing Features

4 / 5

(i.e. The 'headline' variation e.g. Bacon, Chilli, BBQ)

KBI-3 : Ability of Bun to Maintain Order

2 / 5

(size, freshness, flavour, keeping it all together)

KBI-4 : Condiment Enhancement

2 / 5

(variety, suitability of extras)

KBI-5 : Fries Counterpoint

2 / 5

(portion size, crispness, potato-ey ness)

KBI-6 : Other Supporting Actors

3 / 5

(quality of side orders)

Total Score


Boss Hoggs on Urbanspoon

Ok, but (ironically) nothing to write home about.

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